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ASA Winkle - Filament for 3D Printing...

From Price €12.95
ASA Winkle - (1.75mm, 2.85mm / 250g-1kg)

It is a filament manufactured in Spain for 3D printers with FFF / FDM technology. ASA is acrylonitrile styrene acrylic, a thermoplastic developed as an alternative to ABS.

The ASA is characterized by having a high resistance to outdoor weathering; preserving the brightness, color and mechanical properties. It has good chemical and heat resistance, high gloss, good antistatic properties, being resistant and rigid.
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Assorted Colors Winkle Pack. 3D pencil (200g)

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Assorted colors pack specially designed for 3D pencils.

You can choose between three different packs.

* Some Filaments can be sent in different packages *
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