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Filaments PM

European company specialized in the creation of 3D filaments, they are manufacturers of one of the best known brands, official Prusa.

Filaments PM  in Spain

Get high-quality 3d filament in Spain from TEAM BLOCK 3D the best price available!

TEAM BLOCK 3D is the finest 3D PM filaments manufacturers in Spain, known for its quality product and efficient services. In the global market, Filament PM is a European company specialized in the creation of 3D filaments combining one of the main color varieties of the present moment.

3D PM filaments are subdivided into separate groups as per their use in multiple industries such as PLA Basic, PLA +Mate, PLA Glitter, PLA Metal, PLA Pearl and PLA Glow. For instance, PLA Basic filament has main colors in varying shades having the best printing and winding quality whereas PLA +Mate has great adhesive layers and a cool matt surface. All these 3D PM filaments are ideal for indoor/outdoor 3d printing. PLA Glitter shows the shiny particles in appearance and Glow filament is PLA fluorescent available in vivid colors. 

Get filament 1.75 mm in Spain, this 3D PM Filament is compatible with FDM 3D printers of Pursua. PLA is the most commonly used basic material for beginners as it helps in easy printing with both small and large prints. Get the best at TEAM BLOCK 3D and enjoy fun printing!!


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