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PLA Metal

Pla filament with metallic effect.

Pla Material 3d Printing

Looking for 3d printing PLA material? 

Buy good quality and branded PLA Material for 3d Printing on discounted prices, TEAM BLOCK 3D is here to serve you 24 hours in a day!!

PLA is the set to start material for easy and fast 3D printing!!! For 3D printers where graphics are important, PLA is perfect. It is simpler to print with and thus best suited for components with fine detailing because of its reduced printing temperature.

Unlike most synthetic products manufactured mainly from petroleum, PLA, also known as polylactic acid or polylactide, is a thermoplastic made from natural commodities such as corn starch, tapioca roots, or sugar cane. This substance has now become prominent in the 3D printing industry due to its more organic roots.

At TEAM BLOCK 3D, our Metal PLA filament is a solid substance that prints as quickly as normal PLA, but outcomes in prints that appear like high cast metal that can be brushed, refinished, or polished after printing to achieve incredible results.

With standard hardware and temperatures, print with the convenience of modern PLA, still make fun, mesmerizing prints that mark apart. Have PLA filament with the metallic effect! By printing metallic green PLA products, gifts, and keepsakes, enjoy happy times. 


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