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PLA Rainbow

Rainbow filament with different colors

Rainbow 3d Filament in Spain

If you've never tried printing filaments with a rainbow gradient before, then let us tell you more about this incredibly fun filament!!!

Buy rainbow 3d filament in Spain at TEAM BLOCK 3D and get a chance to print with only a single extruder in more than one color. In fact, printing can be done with a whole gradient of colors, not just one or two. ERYONE PLA Rainbow filaments are made in the USA from original, biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials and have polylactic acid of fine standards. The ERYONE filament joins the nozzle moisture to avoid debris and waste objects in a vacuum bag protected with a desiccant bag.

As the foundation plastic matrix, all Eryone brand rainbow gradient filaments have PLA. This is presumably a calculated decision to make it as user-friendly as appropriate with these rainbow gradient filaments. This high quality rainbow 3d filament is built for most FDM 3D Printers and supports them very well. Within 24 hours, we will supply you with a 100 percent fulfillment guarantee. This is the sort of filament you use for "exciting" projects, and among newcomers and children involved in 3D printing, they have seen to be very famous.


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