Battery type: NCR18650B

Battery specification: 18.5 * 67.5 (MM) / MM

Battery material: lithium ion (lithium ion battery)

Battery voltage: 3.6V (V)

Internal resistance of the battery: 40 m Ω

Nominal Capacity: 3300-3400mAh

Actual capacity: 3300-3400mAh

Battery characteristics: voltages, internal resistance, capacity, etc. They are evenly balanced.

Battery Weight: 48.5g

Maximum continuous discharge current: 4.875 A (ampere) (e. E., Temperature 0 to 40 degrees).

Instantaneous discharge current: 8A (amp) - 10A (amp).

Cycle times: 1000 times

Discharge and discharge cut-off voltage standard: Charge cut-off voltage 4.2V (volts), discharge cut-off voltage 2.5V (V).
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