Team Block 3D was born in 2019 as an entrepreneurial project based on printing services, with just a printer and a filament, we tried to find out how we could take advantage of this new technology.

Over time, we managed to fill a gap in the printing market, keeping a significant number of regular customers and increasing the amount of printers in our workshop, and it was then when the adventure really began and we understood the potential we had.

Little by little, it started to become something bigger and, at that moment, we took the leap and started to build an online store where we could offer a wide catalog of products to the Maker community.

A year and a half later, we launched this website full of enthusiasm, always trying to offer the best service and the best products to all the people being part of this community, which is getting bigger and bigger.

Enjoy this page just like us building it and feel free to contact us for anything. Do not forget to follow us on our social networks to discover more about us. Stay tuned for news!