New Matrix light source

The new Matrix light source has been redesigned and consists of several UV LED lights that offer a more uniform exposure. This not only improves accuracy, but also allows for faster exposure times and better heat dissipation.

Own slicer software

The Slicer software developed by Anycubic is far superior in speed and operation compared to other free programs. The software also supports anti-aliasing for better finished prints.

Other features:

-Quality power supply
-Automatic interruption when opening the top cover
-Replacing the fil FEP easier
-Anti aliasing
- 2.8 inch touch screen
-High accuracy

Technical specifications

● System: ANYCUBIC Photon Mono
● Operation: 2.8 inch touch screen
● Software: ANYCUBIC Photon
● Connectivity: USB
● Technology: LCD based SLA
● Light source: high quality filament (wavelength 405 nm)
● Res. XY: 0.051 mm 2560 * 1620 (2K) dd>
● Res. Z axis: 0.01 mm
● Layer Res.: 0.01 ~ 0.15mm
● Print speed: MAX 50mm / h
● Rated power: 45 W
● Printer size: 227mm (L) * 222mm (W) * 383mm (H)
● Build volume: 130mm (L) * 80mm (W) * 165mm (H)
● Material: 405nm UV resin
● Net weight: ~ 4.5 kg

ANYCUBIC provides 1 year warranty.

In case of return, it will have to be managed with the customer service team of the manufacturing company.
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