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Efficient and stable: 3D LCD printing resin has high fluidity and fast drying. After curing, it shows good stability in humid and corrosive environments.

This 405nm 3D resin contains high-quality pigments, making printed works show bright and amazing color effects.

High precision:
photosensitive resin has low shrinkage and high precision, 3D resin shrinkage rate of 3.72-4.24%, to ensure the high precision and smooth surface of the model, and perfectly restore 3D printing works.

ANYCUBIC resin recommended for storage at 59.0 ° F-95.0 ° F. The lower the temperature, the higher the viscosity of the resin. Keep sealed to avoid moisture.

UV resin suitable for most 3D LCD printing. Suitable for DIY, jewelry design, classroom teaching and garage kit production, save your hobby cost.

Correct way to use Anycubic resin:

1- Shake the resin well before use, it is forbidden to use the resin in places where light rays reach.

2-Wear gloves when handling the resin, avoid directly contact with the skin, and operate in a well-ventilated place.

3- If you have direct skin contact with the resin, wash with plenty of water as soon as possible, if you feel bad it is mandatory to receive immediate attention.

4-Cleaning models uses a high alcohol concentration (the recommended concentration is 95% or more, isopropyl alcohol is our recommendation).

5-Do not put the remaining unused resin with the resin in the bottle, this to avoid contamination of the new resin, since the used resin can be contaminated by UV rays, dust and others, so always try to use the correct quantity or, failing that, try to finish the resin in the tank so as not to reuse it.

Characteristics of the resin:

-Wavelength to solidify: 405 nm
-Hardness (D): 79.0
-Viscosity (25 ° C): 552.0 mPa.s
-Density of the liquid: 1,100 g / cm³ <l / i>
-Solid density: 1,184 g / cm³
-Resistance to bending: 23.4 Mpa
- Tensile strength: 23.4 Mpa
-Percentage of elongation: 14.2%
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